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Research & Survey Reports

One of the key elements of a successful business strategy in China is the acknowledgment that your potential Chinese customers will fall into particular groups or segments, characterised by their 'needs'.
Identifying these Chinese groups and their needs through the use of market research and survey reports, and then addressing those needs more accurately than...
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One of the other threatening risks when you sell your patented products in China is counterfeit copies and IP infringements. Nothing is more damaging and discouraging than having to compete with your very own designs and lookalikes that are selling at half of your price.
You need to get, right from the start...

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It is not a sale if you do not get paid in the end. In order for you to get the full settlement, you may need a team of professionals to help in certain investigative actions. It may also be advisable to carry out an effective corporate investigation prior to the close of sales transactions. Through the use of due diligence services and credit reports, it will help ensure that all your potential...
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In China it is the right "Guanxi" that makes all the difference in ensuring that business will be successful. By getting the right "Guanxi", you minimize the risks, frustrations, and disappointments. Often it is acquiring the right "Guanxi" with the relevant authorities that will determine the competitive standing of your business in the long run...

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DCM Business Consulting, in collaboration with other professional bodies and institutions, has the following portfolios :

A. Risk Management

  • (1) Company Credit Report:
  • - Standard Report
  • - VIP Report
  • - Summary Report
  • - Site Visit Report with Photos
  • (2) Public Fillings Search:
  • - Company Registration Search
  • - Business Registration Search
  • - Directorship Search
  • - Land Search
  • - Civil Litigation Check
  • - Bankruptcy / Winding Up Check
  • - Vehicle Registration Check
  • - Marriage Certificate Check
  • (3) Background Search
  • (4) Assets Verification and Location
  • (5) Damage Assessment
  • (6) Valuation
  • (7) Corporate Asset Tracing
  • (8) Corporate Fraud, Mitigation,
  •      Evidence Support

B. Chinese Business Consulting

  • (1) Company Registration Search
  • – (with AIC’s official stamp)
  • (2) Company Credit Report
  • (3) Civil Litigation Check
  • (4) Family Background Check
  • (5) Legal Representative Check:
  •      By means of individual’s full name and PRC I/D No., we can check out the name of company in which he/she has taken the post of Legal Representative and more relevant informative can be dug out through our further investigation.
  • (6) Property Search
  • (7) Customized Marketing Search
  • (8) Intellectual Property Protection:
  • -Patent and copyright
  • -Trade Mark
  • - Protection
  • - Investigation
  • - Loss Prevention
  • - Patent Mapping
  • (9) Interfacing with government bodies for investment, support and policy clarification

C. Financial Advisory

  • - M&A Advisory
  • - RTO
  • - IPO
  • - Disposition
  • - Acquisition
  • - Liquidation
  • - Appraisal
  • - Equity asset fund raising
  • - Advisory Services

D. Commercial Advisory

  • - Partnership
  • - License
  • - Franchise
  • - Technology Transfer
  • - Commercialization and Support
  • - Documentation

E. Online Services

(1) Online Civil Litigation Check

This service provides our clients the most effective and efficient way to check the Credit History of an inquired person / company anytime and anywhere . By screening suspicious trading partners with this service, which help clients to reduce risks, make the right credit decisions, prevent frauds and minimize bad debts.

Our civil litigation database contains court filing records as below:

  • - High Court
  • - District Court
  • - Small Claims Tribunal
  • - Labour Tribunal
  • - Land Tribunal
  • - Other Courts

(2) Auto Credit Monitoring Service:

This is the most convenient way to keep track of the current credit standing of the target companies whilst saving manpower and eliminating the possibility of any oversight.

Each day, we match all the newly retrieved negative data (including court cases) with the provided monitor-list. Instantly, we email all the matched-results to clients on a daily basis. By means of this service, clients can act faster than other civil plaintiffs, so as to reduce or eliminate any potential credit looses.

F. International Service

Through a well-developed global network, we help clients to prevent and respond to frauds, protect their offshore investments and move ahead in global competition through investigation service and security consultancy. We also assist clients to minimize credit risk, identify reliable trading partners and buyers.

  • - Company Registration Search
  • - Company Credit Report
  • - Debt Recovery