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  • Credit Information

    • Company Credit Reports comprising:
      Standard reports
      Gold reports
      VIP reports
      Summary reports
    • Civil Litigation Check
    • Auto Credit Monitoring
    • Personal Background Reports
    • Assets Tracing Reports

    Public Filings Searches

    • Company search
    • Business Registration search
    • Land search

    Special Investigations

    • Please refer to China section

    Receivable Management

    • Consultancy on credit system set-up and improvement
    • Debt collection

    Marketing Support

    • Industry reports
    • Industry mailing lists
  • +China Section

  • Being the first in its field to see China's potential, DCM started its nationwide operation there in 1986. Today, we have developed the most comprehensive service package to assist clients to enter the China market, reduce risks, prevent frauds, contend with defaulted accounts and protect their investment interests. Our reliable credit and marketing information also enables them to make fast and accurate credit decisions and move ahead of their competitors in capturing the market.
  • +International


    • High profile collapses of internationally renowned companies prove that reputation counts for nothing these days. You cannot judge a book by its cover. DCM gets you under the covers and tells you what is in a company's book, no matter where it is based.
    • Through a well-developed global network, we assist clients to minimize credit risk, identify reliable trading partners and buyers, and recover debts in 150 countries.
    • We also help clients develop sound security and provide first-class business intelligence to prevent and respond to frauds, protect their offshore investments and move ahead in the global competition.

    Our scope of services include:

    Credit information:
    • We provide credit solution tools for clients in matching different levels of risk globally:
      Company credit reports: Format is similar to that of our local reports.
      VIP reports: Format is similar to that of our local reports
      Country risk report: The reports give you up-to-date data, analysis and forecasts regarding the inherent risks, trading condition and political situation in the countries being targeted for investments or significant transactions.

    Special Investigations:

    Apart from all investigation services stated in our China section, we possess extensive experience and contacts to locate assets hidden in "international safe havens" like the Bahamas Islands and the Cayman Islands.

    International collection:

    DCM can handle your commercial or consumer claims, large or small, through a variety of result-oriented tactics from personal collection to litigation, judgement execution or repossession. We keep you well informed of the collection process with periodical reports through either email or online access.

It is not a sale if you do not get paid in the end. In order for you to get the full settlement, you may need a team of professionals to help in certain investigative actions. It may also be advisable to carry out an effective corporate investigation prior to the close of sales transactions. Through the use of due diligence services and credit reports, it will help ensure that all your potential business deals are true and recoverable.

Credit management services can help corporations reduce financial risks, make the right credit decision, prevent fraud, minimize bad debt and expand market both locally and internationally through a full range of customized activities:

  • Credit management consultancy
  • Credit information and company report
  • Special investigations and personal background report
  • Receivable management and debt collection
  • Assets search
  • Civil litigation check and public fillings search
  • International and China services in risk management, investment and marketing.

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