Case Study 1

Credit Report (Hong Kong)

We were selected by one of the largest multinational insurance companies on presenting a seminar of understanding the credit reports.

We elaborated the different aspects of the company's features in the credit report and explained in our methodology on assessing the credit ratings of the companies. Thereafter we have been chosen as their service provider. Three years since then our services rendered were upto their entire satisfaction. They consider our report as one of the pre-requisite ways of granting commission advance to their clients and utilize our credit reports as a guideline within their operations. What they require is the current status and movements of the company, as well as the management background of the company Every year more than 100 queries sought on the credit reports. Subsequently this also brings the same requisite action of requesting credit reports through DCM from other insurance companies.

Case Study 2

Inner Document (China)

One of the big 4 audit firms approached us for the legitimate procedures of validating the documents since the incorporation of certain companies.

Through our extensive network and wide coverage of the authorities in PR China, we successfully provided authentic copies of all documents on the company file. This help to save lots of time and manpower on getting such information. Some are doing the due diligence work while they needed proofs or evidences on documents. Besides, our jurisdiction and presence also provide a back-up support to the action.

Case Study 3

Special purpose report (China)

When a med-sized property developer decided to make a feasibility study of the real estate outlook of some cities in PR China, their manager contacted us for advice on how to set up market research and comments on its business activities.

We provide a full comprehensive coverage including the documentary interviews with relevant authorities, market condition, population by demands, environmental appraisal of the area that specified, the statistics and figures that required to support the findings. We provide the statistical figure of our assumptions used and in term, explain the outcome. This helps them in making the decision of doing real estate business in those cities.

Case Study 4

Business Consulting (Hong Kong)

When a Spanish shoes manufacturer wanted to restore its original trademarks and logos after they were stolen by PR china counter-parties some years ago, they approached us for advice and as a watchdog on their future merchandise that will be exported to China. They are coming to PR China for visiting those prospective customers and conclude the market strategy.

They utilize our services for all administrative functions of the regional office. The client has been able to keep the number of staff low and our professionals are cost-effectively handling all corporate secretarial duties, the entire bookkeeping, trademark registrations, accounting and tax filing, as well as banking.

Case Study 5

Agency Services (International)

We are at all times of approaching oversea associates in our line of businesses to form an alliance partnership with us to enhance both of our sales.

We succeeded in establishing a strategic partner relationship with one of the largest credit information agencies, in terms of network headquartered in United Kingdom. Businesses are channeled in both sides that boosted our sales. During the year more than HK$100t generated on one side.

Case Study 6

Credit report (USA)

A receivables management company in United States requested us to trace some companies locally. Detailed financial statements and bank accounts information are needed on the reporting contents.

We approached the target company for materials required and obtained management’s consent to release those financial figures to us. We furnished in full satisfaction.

Case Study 7

Agency Services (International)

One of the oversea agencies has a well-expanded on-line company searching services on companies in most of the countries at Europe. This can enhance the credit reports to be delivered at a faster time. They called them "Green Labe" Once you search the company through the on-line system, the company will simultaneously browse from the database.

Now they have over 300,000 companies on the storage. Time and delivery mode are getting faster. We raised this topic to our clients and got positive response on feedback. Some enquiries are using the pattern of on-line credit report searching in due course.