Globalization, e-commerce and the opening of the China market in the 80’s have caused paradigm shifts in the business world. While creating business opportunities, they also create risks. Failure to manage such risks and adopt proper security measures may lead to credit losses and failure of your business. Previous examples were well demonstrated during the Asian Financial Crisis and is just as true today.

As a leading risk management and consulting company in the Region, Daily Credit Management Co., Ltd. (DCM Business Consulting) helps you reduce risks, make the right credit decisions, prevent frauds, minimize bad debts and expand your market locally and internationally through a full range of customized services. These services include:

  • Credit and business management consultancy
  • Credit information
  • Special investigations
  • Receivable management and debt collection
  • International and China services in risk management, investment and marketing

Vision & Mission

Building on our experience and expertise, service excellence and client satisfaction, DCM will become a world leader in credit risk management, commercial and market intelligence and China investments protection. We are targeted:

To provide quality assurance services in keeping with the principles of DCM: Dedication, Consistency and Superiority.
To maintain our quality assurance services through continuous self-improvement, sound operational experience, advanced information technology, a prudent supervision system and a high caliber team.
To foster the business relationships between international investors and their Chinese counterparts through reconciliation of differences in culture, outlook, business philosophy and practice.
To help building a credit practice and culture in China through which both Chinese and foreign traders can invest and do business with more confidence and less risk.

Tracing back its history to 1977 in Hong Kong, DCM has successfully extended its worldwide service coverage by building a global information and intelligence network and a highly efficient nationwide operation in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Today, we have earned the trust and support of more than 5,000 prestigious clients from both the public and commercial sectors. They include banks, finance companies, credit card issuers, multinational conglomerates, manufacturers, traders, professional servicing firms, trade credit insurers and government sub-vented organizations.



During its 25 years of operations, DCM has developed practical experience, business insight and a resource-rich databank unrivalled in our region.


Since its inception, DCM has been steadily steered by the same management team of credit veterans who hold PhD or master degrees from well-known universities from overseas and Hong Kong. Our staff have good practical experiences in credit risk, receivable management, frauds investigation and investment consultancy. They pioneered the professional practice in the industry and persistently develop new services, keeping pace with the changing needs of clients.

Their extensive knowledge over the China credit environment is invaluable in improving clients' corporate liquidity and risk control in China.


Our prudent employment system and intensive training program have trained up a highly efficient operating team of credit analysts, investigators, researchers, collectors and management consultants with unequalled expertise in their respective areas.


With the state-of-the-art technology, our computer system has greatly enhanced our operational efficiency in information management, collection activities supervision, customer services and performance analysis. Our online service also enables our clients to gain instant access to our credit information and debt collection progress without leaving their desks.


Through affiliating with 50 well-established local agents overseas, DCM has access to more than 8,000,000 company reports and can conduct cross-border debt collection and investigation in over 150 countries.


Our versatility in China services is due to long practical experience and well-developed operations in the PRC. With our pool of resident staff, well-established operations and close contacts with the government sector, we allow our clients to reap the investment benefits while avoiding the pitfalls in the world's largest market.


Being the first-mover, DCM has accumulated more than 1,800,000 credit files and civil litigation records since 1977. Our large and accurate database provides a solid base of timely and accurate credit information and cost-effective investigation services.